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There are over 160 members in the Art League of Baytown.  This page is designed for those members who rent gallery space to exhibit and sell their artwork.  Space is available on a first come, first serve basis for members in good standing.  All art is original and must comply with our standards for excellence as well as the criteria that limits certain subject matter and size. Shown below are biographical sketches of our gallery artists along with samples of their work.

Irene Adame

Irene Adame

Irene Adame worked in the insurance business for decades but, before she retired, took a workshop on making jewelry and then she was hooked.


She specializes in only the best for her jewelry either making the components herself or purchasing one-of-a-kind, handmade beads and using sterling silver in the settings.  Some of the pieces are enameled, using a torch to finish the piece.


You can be sure of getting a truly unique piece of jewelry with her original designs.  


James Doyle Avant


James Doyle Avant (known by all as JD), is an avid outdoors man and nature lover, who paints landscapes  and wildlife.

JD states ”My first love was just traveling around our beautiful country and photographing as much

of it as I could. I must have photos of every windmill, old barn and hillside of the Southwest.”  

"I paint with a lot of nostalgia. So much of our countryside is slipping away. Landmarks and wildlife are constantly being displaced. My work is my way of preserving these memories.
Most of my paintings depict places that actually exist in full or part, and are largely derived from my own photographs. I don't paint photo-realism, but I do try to portray things as much as they are by using my artist's license when I need to embellish", he says.

JD has paintings in many private collections and is becoming well known for paintings of the Texas hill country. One of his latest paintings,"Crossing the Buffalo", won The Peoples' Choice Award and third place at the San Jacinto Art Show. It shows a cowboy and a longhorn crossing a hill country river. JD is a member of the Art League of Baytown. He recently studied under Larry Prellop of Salado, who was nominated for Texas Artist of the year in 2009. JD and his wife Patricia reside in Baytown.

To see more of JD's paintings visit the Art Center of Baytown, Holland Street Gallery in Belville, and the Crow's Nest in LaPorte.


For information about originals or prints contact:
James D Avant
3601 Canterbury Dr
Baytown Tx 77521



Vanita Doyle

My art training, over and above college, started with oriental teachers and oriental techniques. I give paintings a "touch of the orient" by painting mountains with mist or simplifying the subject matter. The Orientals said "less is more".

I do love the southwest scenery and colors, so I have expanded my watercolors to include the southwest images. I use a variety of paper including rice, silk, gold leaf, silver leaf and watercolor papers. I sold my painting in week-end, outdoor art shows for 25 years. That's for younger artist, now, I'm active in the Baytown Art League and hang in their gallery, and the Kingwood Art Society. 

Annika Farmer

I can't even remember a time when i did not enjoy creating something "artistic".  My parents were both very creative, but it was my maternal grandparents who were my greatest influence.

I will never forget the day when I walked into my grandfathers's office and he handed me a ballpoint pen that had 3 different colored inks in it.  I was only about 4 years old and he wanted to keep me occupied for a few minutes so he could finish some work.  That became my  most treasured possession at the time.  My grandmother was the kindest person I have ever known.  She knew how to do so  many things, but what stayed with me most was her ability to make things grow.  She had a large garden where she grew almost every kind of flower, berry and variety of fruit tree that could be grown in the part of Sweden where she lived.  I have loved growing and painting flowers ever since.

The part of Sweden I am from is Dalarna, Darlacarlia in English, a place where two of Sweden's most famous artists were from, Anders Zorn, and Carl Larsson.  I remember visiting the places where they lived and worked.  Seeing their artwork was very inspiring then and still is today.

After leaving Sweden when I was 13 years old, my stepfather's work brought us to many different places, but the common thread that brought me comfort and a sence of belonging was that there was always an art class in every new school I went to, and I went to many.

Coming to Texas was wonderful .  The people were friendly and the big skies I saw were beautiful.  The colors, the wide open spaces could be interpreted in so many ways.  I started painting larger and more abstract.  My husband's work brought us to Ohio where I went back to painting a lot of flowers from our garden, among many other subjects.

Now that I am back here in Texas it is fun to be able to have my paintings displayed here again, and I can't wait to see what direction my artwork will take.

Carole A. Fox

Carole has been painting off and on since she was in high school. She grew up on a farm near Alamo, which is near the Mexican border in southern Texas. Her favorite pastime was drawing and coloring when she was young.  For Christmas one year she got a beginners painting art set. She followed the steps and did her first painting. Carole took art in school but was disappointed that it was more crafts instead of painting.  Determined to learn Carole then purchased books to help her learn to paint.


In 1977 and 1978, while living in California, Carole took painting lessons in the community center with a local artist. She enjoyed viewing the art in San Diego and talking with the local artists. She did not get to paint for many years while raising her children and working. In 2003, her husband was transferred to Mexico. Her children were grown and since she could not work in Mexico Carole found her opportunity to start painting again. Carole found other women in her community that had the same interest in painting. Carole opened her home to these women and made arrangements for an instructor, Gabriela Abud, a well know artist in Mexico City. Up to this point Carole had only painted in oils. Ms. Abud taught watercolors – something new for Carole.  Despite her fear of trying something new, she purchased the watercolors and pastels which has enriched her art life. Living in Mexico with it’s vividly colored fabrics, pottery, old cobblestones, and unique architecture has had a great influence on Carole’s art as seen in her work.


After many years of moving about, in December 2004, Carole and her family made Baytown their home. In June 2005, Carole found the Art League of Baytown by coming to the Friday open painting held at the community center. She joined the Art League and has attended many workshops offered there. Carole still joins in on the Friday open painting at the Art Center and enjoys the friendships she has made and the chance to learn from them.


Carole is proud of the ribbons she has won at the Baytown Art League’s Spring Show and plans to enter her work in other shows in the area. Carole loves to paint from the many photos she has taken.  Carole keeps her i-phone handy at all times to catch those photo opportunities and says she probably has enough to keep her busy for a long time - painting – something she loves doing.


To see some of Carole's work visit the Art Center of Baytown.

Rhonda Holleman

Photographer / Artisan


I have always needed a creative outlet and been involved in the arts, in one genre or another.  Drawing, Dance, Music, Poetry, Theatre, … and of course Photography.  I am a very instinctual rather than technical photographer.  I don’t use the fanciest camera gear or software.  I try to get the best images, using the least manipulation and editing possible.  I want images to be the best representation of how the subjects appear naturally.  And other than the occasional animal or flowing water, I tend to photograph only still life subjects, as I find them.  I am often drawn to photographing nature, but I am also currently obsessed with exploring perspective.


Priscilla Hopkins

I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be an artist. My parents always had a good supply of crayons, watercolors, and paper for us to be creative with.  When I say "we",  I came from a family of 5 girls and 1 boy.  While in school I did a lot of art but didn't take it seriously till the youngest of my 3 sons started school. 

My first teacher was Jewell Fuller, and she was exactly that--a jewel.  My art work encouraged my mother to take painting classes and in no time she surpassed me.  My father owned "Blackies Welding  Works." in Corpus Christi, Texas where I was born and raised.  He was an artist in his own right.  He designed and built ornate iron stair railings, fences and gates.  He even built a sculpture of a child flying a kite at a well known hotel there.  Now my brother owns the business and is talented as well. My Aunt Merion Beckman was a self taught artist and teacher.  When I retired from the Federal Reserve Bank ,I joined  her art classes. 

I also studied with some well known artists such as Dick Turner, Virginia Blackman, Peggy Tieman and Nancy Winans. I have attended Windberg, Nancy Lee, Vi Dunn-Harr ,Jermaine Reat, Johnnie Lillidahl, and LaNell Arnet  workshops. My favorite medium is oil.  I am now experimenting with abstracts and find it very liberating. 

I come from a very talented family  Three of my sisters paint, two nephews are very successful graphic artists, a niece that was a professional ballet dance and is now an actress and also does commercials. My oldest son is self taught musician and song writer.  Two great granddaughters who act and sing and the youngest (a 5 year old) wants to be an artist like me.    I HAVE TO PAINT-IT'S IN MY GENES.  Now, that's my story.

Karen Knight

The challenge I set for myself with my art is: can I recreate what I see and convey what inspired me to the viewer and hopefully have them see everyday subjects in a new way. I am attracted to vibrant light and shadow and how the contrasts build form, mood, depth and texture. The fun for me is in the details and the subtle or bold changes of color and form made by light. I like to tell stories with my drawings and photos, because there is always a story going on in the image, be it mine, or something in the viewers mind.


Born and raised in Houston, TX, I graduated from Stephen F. Austin High School in 1970. I studied art at the University of Houston, earning a BS in Art Education in 1975. I have lived and worked in Baytown since 1974, after marrying my soulmate, Steve Knight. We raised two beautiful daughters and have 4 lively grandchildren. I retired after 37 years at Sterling Municipal Library and am now finding more time for my art.


I have always loved art in many forms, my main discipline being drawing using graphite, color pencils, and charcoal and encaustics. I have done commissioned portaits for several years. I also enjoy photography, working with gourds, attending workshops, traveling and enjoying the beauty all around us. I am a member of the Color Pencil Society of America and the Texas Gourd Society.                                                                 I served as President of the Art League from 2018-2020.


Steve Knight

Photographer Steve Knight has exhibited work in over 50 exhibitions from coast to coast as well as England, Spain, and Greece.  His photographs are often taken during explorations and workshops with artist wife Karen.  


Steve's image philosophy can be summed up as follows:


"One of my favorite photographers is the mid-century master of composition 

Albert-Renger Patzsch who proudly stated he simply photographed what was in front of him, his efforts 'aimed at a photographic photography'.  In an article published in 1966 titled 'A Lecture That Was Never Given" he stated, 'I believe that in every concept there lies a partial truth which surpasses time'.  This means that for all of its seeming immediate truth, the photograph itself is inherently mendacious.  It is a fraction of a second taken completely out of context and left to the observer to determine the meaning, their own meaning.  It is an effort create an image that will trigger a memory, form an idea, start a conversation.  To some extent the photographers original intent is irrelevant.  The viewer will determine their individual truth, and that is the impression that matters."


Steve's website


Danna Lambert

Danna is pictured painting at the Dalhart Windberg Workshop that the Art League sponsored this past January 2013.  An artist whose work is traditional realism, Danna is a native Texan who has been painting for many years.  Serenity and color are intermingled in her paintings and so it is no wonder she is an admirer of Windberg's work.  

Mark Landers

Marsha Landers, and the Art of Clay

Marsha also Loves to Take Photographs and Make Greeting Cards with Their Images.

Marsha L. Landers' introduction to the ceramic medium came in 1979 when she returned to college to complete an education left behind in the sixties.  "I was fortunate to get started in the ceramic medium under the tutelage of Jack McClendon who was a store house of knowledge in the arts.  Eventually he became a close friend.  Later in both undergraduate and graduate work, my intructor was Nick de Vries.  Both of these masters greatly influenced me in the direction that I took." It was not until 1987 that Marsha took a more serious interest in ceramics as a profession.


Marsha holds a Master of Arts in Humanities (art and history) from the University of Houston, Clear Lake, and has taught all age groups in public and private school, and college courses including ceramics, photography and design. She has conducted workshops for the blind, hearing impaired and for the burn patients at Shriner's Hospital in Galveston. Her work has been exhibited in group and solo shows and has received numerous awards in area competitions.


Marsha holds memberships in several professional organizations and currently shows her work at the Art Center of Baytown.


"History has greatly influenced my style and is evident in my choices of ceramic techniques and forms."


Marsha's studio is part of her Cotton Lake Pottery and also the location of her home overlooking the upper end of Trinity Bay.  She is a wife, mother, grandmother, and baby boomer. A sixth generation Texan, she was born in San Antonio, Texas. Marsha and her husband, Ben, have lived in southeast Texas since 1965.


Marsha's pottery is for sale at the Art Center of Baytown.  You can contact Marsha via her website - or her facebook page -



Barbara Trust

Barbara Trust was born and raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin.   Working in close proximity with farm animals she developed a love for drawing the farm animals.  She moved to Houston Texas in 1979 and worked with NASA contractors for 30 years.   During that time she studied with local artists and honed her skills as an oil painter.   She recently started working with Prismacolor pencils and rekindled her love for drawing.      

Barbara has won Best of Show and 1st Place Awards in numerous competitions and placed in several Lone Star Art Guild convention shows.   She is a signature member of the National Society of Artists.  

Here is a photo of me taken with my fiber art Cloth Moth which won first place (2-D non-photography) at the 2014 Parks and Recreation Show.

Kay Lynn Whitcomb

Art League of Baytown #20

Born and raised in Baytown, Kay Lynn graduated from Robert E. Lee High School in 1976.  She received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M in 1981 and entered a 16+ year career phase with Exxon Company USA.

Circa 1991, Kay Lynn began taking art classes at the MFAH art school The Glassell School of Art, while still working for Exxon.  Her instruction included drawing, 2-D design, oil painting and print-making. During this time, Kay Lynn sold work at the school’s annual student sale…largely because she learned to frame her own work.

After leaving Exxon, Kay Lynn returned to Glassell for 3-D design and Collage and Assemblage.  This introduced her to assemblage, which is additive rather than subtractive three dimensional work. The collage class was reinforced by 2 classes on the subject at Houston’s Jung Center and led to a body of shadow box art. Additionally, the 3-D instruction has led to an avid, interest in Gourd Art.

Kay Lynn has also attended art classes at Lee College and workshops at the Art Center of Baytown. She is currently in charge of planning shows, and is the past Treasurer of the Art League and is the current Treasurer of the Bay Area Gourd Patch. She is the current President of the Art League.

Dorothy Lam Wong

Dr. Dorothy Wong is a retired clinical psychologist who first came to this country from her native Hong Kong before she began grade school.  Her love of the photographic medium first came during her many travels abroad to places like Africa and Europe where she captured moments in time and learned from the expertise of other photographers that she just had an eye for interesting scenes, both natural and of human interest. She is a member of a photography group that has participated in the Houston FotoFest for many years.  Her work has been exhibited in many competitions as well as area galleries.  The Art League of Baytown is proud to have Dot's photos on exhibit in the Art Center of Baytown.   

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